Monday, 2 June 2008

Kunsttour Maastricht 2008

Kunsttour 2008.
Maasterclass is presented work on several loactions in Maastricht.
Timmerfabriek,'Shop Stop' (Old Hickoryplein) and Landbouwbelang.

Maasterclass members presented individual work beside the cardboard box installation.
The openingnight of Kunsttour 2008 was on 23.05. where Maasterclass performed a 'multi-disciplinair show'


Maasterclass shop @ Shop Stop 'Old Hickoryplein Maastricht'
Maasterclass invited some friends to join the poly-disciplined network:
Els Petit, Miriam Hartwig, Linda Baumsteiger, Jessica Crescioni, Marjolijn Fliek, Sarah Damm and Anneke op h' Hoog.

check out Elle Belguim blog here!

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