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Europe's Creative Regions and Cities

Forum on Europe's Creative Regions and Cities 

-young European Talents- 

Yes ,Im in ... I have been selected !!!

here's some information about this forum. * forum website 

20 avril 2009 - 21 avril 2009
Brussels Belgium 
On 20 and 21 April 2009, the Committee of the Regions will host in its premises a Forum on Europe’s Creative Regions and Cities involving creative talents as well as regional and local authorities from all over Europe. 100 young creative talents are invited to bring their contribution to this event.
On 20 and 21 April 2009, the Committee of the Regions will organise together with the European Commission a Forum on "Europe's Creative Regions and Cities". The Forum is held in the context of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009, in order to showcase the creativity of Europe’s regions and cities and to prove that creativity and innovation can be of key importance for a successful turn in economic development.
The idea of the Forum which will be held for up to 300 participants in the Committee of the Regions’ premises in Brussels will be twofold:
First, to create a platform for exchange of best practice among those regions, cities and experts who have experiences in promoting creative industries and innovative approaches in the following fields: 
  1. Arts and Culture
  2. Science, Research and Innovation
  3. Media, Information and Communication Technologies
  4. Urban Development and Urban Creativity
  5. Social Innovations
Regional and local authorities interested to present their best practice are invited to send an application form before 31 January 2009.

Second, with the support by the European Commission’s Youth in ActionProgramme 100 young creative talents from all over Europe. The members of the Committee of the Regions would propose candidates from their constituencies. They might be artists, architects, designers, film makers, internet experts or others. What would qualify them should their attempt to be at the same time young entrepreneurs and to have contributed to a certain extent to the development of the local economy, for example by setting up their own businesses. Candidates are invited to send the application form by 31 January 2009.

The two-days’ programme of the Forum takes place in Brussels and would include a session presenting the academic debate and practical cases in the field of regional creativity and innovation, a networking session among the young creative talents, both on 20 April. All participants would be welcomed during a social event in the evening. During the morning of 21 April, creative and innovative projects from Belgium would be presented through guided bus tour in Brussels followed by a panel debate among representatives from the Brussels, Flemish and Walloon regions.
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Europa's meest creatieve regio's en steden - Forum 20 en 21 april 2009 (Brussel)

In het kader van het Europees Jaar van Creativiteit en Innovatie 2009, organiseren het Comité van de Regio's en de Europese Commissie een gemeenschappelijk forum op 20 en 21 april 2009. Het forum wil de creativiteit van Europese regio's en steden onder de aandacht brengen en het belang aantonen van creativiteit en innovatie voor economische ontwikkeling.

Het forum heeft 
twee belangrijke doelen:
  1. uitwisselen van best practices op het vlak van kunst en cultuur; wetenschap, onderzoek en innovatie; media, informatie- en communicatietechnologieën; stedelijke ontwikkeling en stedelijke creativiteit; en sociale innovaties. 
  2. onder de aandacht brengen van 100 jonge creatieve talenten (bv. kunstenaars, architecten, designers,...)

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