Saturday 23 January 2010

Will You Ever Be Happy Again? by Sanja Mitrovic

Last night I went to to see " Will You Ever Be Happy Again? ". I really enjoyed it in so many ways! It was funny, full of energy, nostalgic, authentic and more. Will you ever be happy again? Yes and last night I was happy.
Thank you Sanja!

pictures by Irfan Redzovic

"Will You Ever Be Happy Again?" uses documentary strategies to examine the influence of nationality on personal identity. The production’s ingredients are autobiographical stories related by the performers – one Serbian, one German. These stories are based on a series of events from their childhood: games, primary school, sports days, etc. Through the sketched stories about good against evil (about a victim against perpetrator and about how easily roles can switch) the performance wanders between research and a ritual game that creates imaginary parallels between the two countries, repeating History just like History always seems to repeat itself.

Concept & direction: Sanja Mitrovic
Play: Sanja Mitrovic and Jochen Stechmann

For more information please visit:


Pedro Herrero said...

Great! You have a very inspiring blog, I'm following!

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Thank you!
your blog too, Im following!


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