Sunday, 7 February 2010

Lovely sunday afternoon in MARRES

the Avantgarde:
We Were Exuberant and Still Had Hope. Ettore Sottsass: works from Stockholm, 1969

12 december 2009 – 13 february 2010 Marres

Curators: Lisette Smits and Guus Beumer

Objects for Atheists, Superunfoldedbox
Guy Keulemans

Marres Bookshop

'Rock my religion' by Dan Graham

In the context of the exhibition We Were Exuberant and Still Had Hope: a filmscreening of Dan Graham's Rock My Religion (55 min.)

This video-essay from the early eighties - often cited but not often shown - is a provocative discourse on the relationship between religion and rock 'n' roll, the ultimate symbol of godlessness. In a caleidoscopic mixture of documentary, text and performance, Graham draws a parallel between extatic trance dances of the Shakers and the sexually loaded performances of Jim Morrison and Patty Smith. To this day, Rock My Religion is a stunning essay about the ideological codes and the historical context of the cultural phenomenon rock 'n' roll.

It was a lovely sunday afternoon, especially enjoyed 'rock my religion'. I love Patti Smith!

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