Sunday 11 April 2010

Sidi el Karchi/Bas de Wit

Sidi EL Karchi/Bas de Wit
11.04 - 27.06. 2010 at Bonnefantenmuseum/Maastricht

Since Sidi El Karchi and Bas de Wit successfully completed their studies at the art academy a little less than ten years ago, the museum has been following their progress. That was fairly easy to do, as they both studied in Maastricht and still live and work in the vicinity – apart from short visits to New York and Antwerp. Now El Karchi and De Wit's careers have really taken off.
(source Bonnenfantenmuseum)

If you want to know more visit Bonnefantenmuseum website (check this link). But I advise you to visit the museum and see the work, it's worth a visit!!

Sidi EL Karchi

Bas de Wit

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