Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ultra Mega Lore - Hanelore Knuts

UltraMegaLore - Fashion Icon Testimony
at Modemuseum Hasselt / 27.03.10 - 06.06.10

This expo is curated by model Hannelore Knuts (Hasselt, 1977).
Hannelore will have carte blanche to assemble an exhibition that gives the visitors a glimpse into her universe that reaches further than just fashion. A crystallisation of what motivated and inspired her during her 10-year career as a top-model.
for more go to the site of Modemuseum Hasselt.

17.04.2010/ Visiting Modemuseum Hasselt
It was not allowed to take pictures, so I took only a few, if you want to see more go to Hasselt.

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