Tuesday, 6 July 2010

ABKM 2010 Graduation

Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht " Graduation 2010"

Timmerfabriek Maastricht / 1 - 4 July

Jewellery and product design

Christiaan Lebens ' Ode to imperfection'

Christiaan Lebens with the leading lady of jewellery and product design department, Chequita Nahar

Christiaan Lebens wearing Branko Popovic for his graduation

Dik Scheepers ' Pieces of II'

Judith Peterhoff ' The placebo effect of jewellery'

Hansen Hoepner 'Vlieger'

Fashion and Textile design
This year presentation of the fashion design graduates is really strong. Beautiful photography and collection books. One of my favorites is Yvonne Laufer. Ingo Binder made a really strong mens collection inspired by pelgrims and is selected for Lichting 2010 together with Karolina Nieslony. Nora Julliette designed a nice and wearable mens collection, very well styled with self made accessories. But overall I have to say well done! to the eight graduates.

Ingo Binder and Rita Suers ( one of the coordinators of the fashion and textile department)

Ingo Binder

Ingo Binder won this years Henriëtte Hustinx award

Yvonne Laufer

Nora Juliette

Karolina Nieslony

Julia Schätz

Maja Pack

Rebecca Pottkämper

Autonomous Art

Lucas Kramer

Visual Communication

Sven Franzen

Valentina Vos

More about Valentina Vos in one of the previous posts:

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