Monday, 5 July 2010

ArtEZ Fashion and Product design graduation 2010

ArtEZ fashion and product design graduation 2010

Thursday 1st of July FASHIONCLASH took a train to Arnhem to see ArtEZ graduation show. The show took place outside Arnhem, on the Kema property. Overall I was more excited about the product design graduates.

Fashion design

Kris Berden

picture by Peter Stigter

Fred Farrow

Piotrek Panszczyk

Lotte van Schijndel

picture by Peter Stigter

Don't feed the birds (1st year)

Fade to Grey (2nd year)

Product design

Anna Korshun

Imme van der Haak

Lieke de Koning

Eveline van Basten

IIvy Jacobs

...and Maasmechelen Village fans!

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