Saturday 3 July 2010

'One Seventy Four' by Valentina Vos

Meet Valentina Vos, a young and passionate fashion photographer, just graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht.

Valentina Vos

For her graduation project she photographed 25 young models. She photographed these girls in their most natural and vulnerable state, not as models but as beautiful young women.

" During these photoshoots I concentrated on portraying the characters of the girls instead of their appearances. Nowadays more and more young girls are being portrayed as women and I wanted to break with this. I’m showing you the girls, not the models.” – Valentina Vos

The whole project is now published in the book entiteld, One Seventy Four, and is now available for purchase. You can order it through

Take a fruther look at her work:

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