Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Believers - Sustainable Future Fashion

THE BELIEVERS - Sustainable Future Fashion is the creative response of La Fortuna Studio in collaboration with international fashion designers, artists and other industry players to the future of fashion, luxury and craftsmanship.

What began as a series of experiments based upon a futuristic model of development on the onset of an upcoming climate war, represents today an ever-growing platform for fashion talent interested in sustainability, gaining a cult following amongst savvy creative decision-makers who are altering their practices drastically by their own free will.

Deriving their inspiration from tribalism, the adaptation of species and the fight for survival with the technologies of tomorrow, the 'converted' artists, have all been captivated by this extraordinary force of change and contributed to unique art-meets-fashion pieces, editorials, films and illustrations directed by La Fortuna Studio.

The Believers launches in October 2010 with a capsule show in Brussels during Modo Parcours (the Belgian metropolis fashion weekend par excellence) and continues touring all over the world revealing collaborations with remarkable forward-thinking fashion talent.

The first The Believers show will take place on October 22 - 24 at Atelier Coppens - Nieuwe Graanmarkt 22, Brussels 1000 (Belgium)

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