Monday, 4 October 2010

The endless song of silence

Endless Song of Silence 2010 by Nanine Linning

Last weekend the city of Maastricht hosted once again the Dutch Dance Festival (Nederlandse Dansdagen). For me personally one of the highlights of the cultural offerings of Maastricht. On the Sunday program featured the stunning performance of 'The Endless Song of Silence' by Nanine Linning. Two people being together, but also increasingly going their separate ways. Nanine Lining and Danilo Colona dancing in a beautiful setting and impressive music (Third Symphony by Gorecki) and not to forget the costumes are designed by Iris van Herpen. 'The endless song of silence' is one of the most beautiful dance performances I've ever seen.


Endless song of silence- Nanine Linning from Josanne Buiting on Vimeo.

Concept: Nanine Linning / Choreografie en dans: Nanine Linning en Danilo Colonna /

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* pictures bij Kalle Kuikkaniemi

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