Monday, 25 October 2010

Hartman en Zoon

Hartman and Son
play of an angel

illustration by Joost Horward

"Hartman and Son" premiered in the attic of "Aux deux coins ronds" bed & breakfast in Belgium.
The audience meets at the church in Sippenaeken (Belgium). With a guided walk 20 minutes through the hills of Wallonia you reach the attic of "Aux deux coins ronds". At the site you're greeted with a warm drink and snack. This introduction brings you already in a mood and concentration to dive into a story and is part of a theatrical event, an inspiring encounter. Refreshing theatre.
"Hartman and Son" is an relieving presentation made by a motley group of people who create authentic theatre, both professionals and amateurs.
If you have a chance to see it, be fast because there are limited number of places.

Story and Concept: Peter Stam with Joost Horward
Director: Peter Stam

By: Joost Howard, Veronique Obrien, Yorick Stam, Patrick Severens, Emmy Kurvers, Paul Hermus, Jeroen de Smet, Jan Schroën, Marja Burmanje, Han Hos, Mildred van Leeuwen, Denis Coenegracht, Dene Tribe, Margaret Bontrup, French Carlier.

October 29,30,31
November 12,13, 14

Reservations and information: Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg (

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