Wednesday 6 October 2010

Toegepast 15

In 2010, Design Platform Limburg and Z33 organise the fifteenth edition of Toegepast, a presentation of young design talent.
Toegepast 15: new participants, new coaches, new concept. This year the participants choose to work with a central theme: the Meeting

Toegepast 15: de Meeting

The fifteenth edition of Toegepast presents five yound designers in the houses of the Beguinage at Z33:

. Liesbeth Bussche (Gerrit Rietveld Academie - Silversmith)
. Jon Stam (Design Academie Eindhoven)
. Rocco Verdult (Design Academie Eindhoven)
. Andries Vanvinckenroye (MDA - Productdesign)
. Mieke Dierckx (PHL - Jewellery Design)

Design duo Ti+Hann coached the design process and created the design of the presentation.

Liesbeth Bussche 'inside jewellery'

Andries Vanvinckenroye ' Brench 2'

Mieke Dierckx

Rocco Verdult

Aslo in Z33 Philip Metten - INNERCOMA (27.06 to 10.10.2010)

This exhibition transformed the whole of Z33 into an enormous sculpture, without a doubt the biggest Hasselt has ever seen. Philip Metten (Genk, 1977) is the man behind this gigantic project. Z33 gave him the opportunity to create his first solo exhibition. Philip Metten proposed to transform Z33 into a huge work of art.
Philip Metten chooses to make sculptures because that medium contrasts greatly with the hastiness of our time. Sculptures are unwieldy and static constructions that do not square with the pressure of time, the speed and the evolution of our society. Philip Metten strives to be innovative in his imagery within the art of sculpturing. His sculptures create a link between primitive, religious art forms and contemporary archetypes. He elaborates these various elements further in the architectural sculpture INNERCOMA.

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