Monday 28 February 2011

Het Geluid Maastricht 'Life is too good to be true'

Last week Maastricht was marked by Festival CEMENT. I just saw few things and I am glad I finally saw 'Life is too good to be true' by Het Geluid Maastricht!

'Life is too good to be true' examines the role of truth in our contemporary (pop) culture. What begins as a portrait of a notorious liar, young American journalist Stephen Glass, becomes a tour along a group therapy session, some pink ribbons, a little Lady Gaga, lots of scary dogs, and a nightmare in a movie theatre. A tour through all the lies we tell ourselves today.

With 'Life is too good to be true / cacophony2', The Geluid Maastricht won jury and audience award during the Amsterdam Fringe Festival: the Dioraphte Amsterdam Fringe Award 2010.


picture: Moniek Wegdam

Het Geluid Maastricht is an interdisciplinary theatre company, based in AINSI the old cement factory in Maastricht. And is founded in 2006 by Gable Roelofsen, Romy Roelofsen, Jacobien Elffers & Daniela Bernoulli.

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