Saturday 19 February 2011

Paul Lightfoot and Sol León 'Same Difference'

Thuesday 15 February, Theater aan het Vrijthof presented a triptych 'Entwine' by Nederlands Danstheater I.
Two premieres and a reprise. The highlight of the evening was the second performance "Same Difference" by choreographers Paul Lightfoot and Sol León. It was just great! Dance, set and lighting design, costumes, and not to forget the 'always beautiful' music of Philip Glass.
The third piece is also worth mentioning 'Still Life' by Aszure Barton. With beautiful costumes by Michelle Jank, too bad I don't have any image to share with you. Again with fantastic music, Abel Korzeniowski, Shigeru Umebayashi, etc.

'Same Differences'
Inspired by the chaotic influence of egos and the simplicity of stepping away from them. (Sol & Paul)

With the ballet Same Difference (2007) choreographers Paul Lightfoot and Sol León were breaking new ground. In the ballet they added alienating and deformed voices to their dance language and the first steps on the theatrical path were made.

Seven weird characters sketch a surreal world to exciting music by Philip Glass. Their mysterious cries fuse perfectly together with their movements and at times give them something alarming in the dark setting. Same Difference allows your own imagination to run wild.

For more information and tour

I want to see it again!

* pictures by Joris-Jan Bos

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