Sunday, 6 February 2011

'Zaaisieraad' by Wieteke Opmeer

One of the participants of the new exhibition 'The Future That Never Was' at the Fashion Museum Hasselt is Wieteke Opmeer with a wonderful project 'Zaaisieraad' (Seed jewellery).

After the study for florist Wieteke Opmeer studied product design at the HKU.
As part of graduation project, Wieteke Opmeer designed a series of jewellery of temporary nature, fashioned out of water soluble fabric and seeds of wild flowers, some coloured with green tea. The pieces can be worn, but after some time they dissolve slowly by contact with fluids (perspiration, rain, etc.). When one of the necklaces cannot be worn anymore, or when the owner feels the need to part with it, it can be placed on a nice spot in a natural environment. Here it will dissolve. Later, wild flowers will grow on that spot. For more info:

The exhibition 'Alter Nature: The Future That Never Was' opened 29th of January and is open until the 5th of June 2011 at the Fashion Museum of Hasselt (MMH).

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