Saturday, 9 April 2011

PRESTAGE Magazine:Ode to the Dutch fashion talent

This Saturday is allready a great day because the sun shines and the new Dutch magazine, PS Magazine was just delivered by post.

The concept of PS Magazine is the 'Ode to the Dutch fashion talent'.

It is a magazine that provides a platform for young, emerging talent in fashion, fashion photography and fashion illustration. Current fashion magazines tend to focus on already established brands, making it difficult to get a foothold in the fashion industry. PS gives the chance to emerging talents and opportunity to make themselves known to the general public. PS is positive, fresh, upbeat and energetic and would like something nice and refreshing fashion show.

PS is an initiative of Stefanie Mensink and Puck Landewé.
They believe that too little attention to the many fashion talent in the Netherlands and a lack of inspiring and innovative independent fashion magazines in the Netherlands.
PS stands for Pre Stage.

PS From 3rd Arpil PS is available in shops throughout the Netherlands and will be available four times a year. PS is also on sale online:

For more information:

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