Sunday, 24 April 2011

When the shit hits the fan

'When the shis hits the fan' by the Young Gangsters

Yesterday evening I decided spontaneously to go to Het Huis van Bourgondië.
The setting is quite cool and the performance is full of funny finds and tricks. Compliments for the actors for their hard work and credible performance. After seeing this performance, you can hardly believe it was created by two girls.
I will not say much about it, you should see it yourself.

'When the shis hits the fan' is also scheduled for Over het IJ Festival in Amsterdam and Cultura Nova in Heerlen.
Over het Ij festival: 7 - 17 July
Cultura Nova Heerlen: 26 August - 4 September

Deep down in Texas at the Mexican border. Sunny Side Up Trailer Park, where the scum of The States have gathered. And here sits Boy. Along with his brothers. As always, sitting in front of the trailer like a sack of potatoes. Belching, sweating, farting. Surrounded by beer cans, undefined electronics and posters of shiny Harleys. Nothing much happening. Then all hell breaks loose, sparking an argument. And a fierce and merciless battle follows.

picture: René den Engelsman

picture: Moon Saris

Under the leadership of Annechien de Vocht en Lotte Bos the trailer trash storm the stage. Think Quentin Tarantino, think Trailer Park Boys. As in their previous performances (SCREAMING) Aaaarrghh! and Wanna Fight Again the Young Gangsters present a humorous, kitschy show fight with lots of spectacle and pleasure.

During their studies at the Toneelacademie Maastricht (Maastricht Theatre Academy) and Annechien de Vocht and Lotte Bos became fascinated by violence and stage fighting. They previously produced Young Gangsters "(screaming): Aaaarrghh!". Young Gangsters "Want to Fight Again 'is part two of the series. Their third play is 'When the shit hits the fan'.

For more:

Concept and direction: Annechien de Vocht and Lotte Bos
Play: Thomas Dudkiewicz, Marius Mensink, Jurriën Remkes, Rutger Remkes
Production: Young Gangsters & Het Huis van Bourgondië
Photography and graphic design: Joost de Haas

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