Monday 23 May 2011

Pyuupiru 2001-2008

Last week (17th May) there was a screening of Pyuupiru 2001-2008 in Lumiere Maastricht.
The screening is part of Out of Fashion-Maastricht edition exhibition.

An intimate portrait of the phenomenon Pyuupiru. A visual artist whose body is the heart of his work, he undergoes a difficult sex change operation. Filmed by Matsunaga, a talented director and dear friend of Pyuupiru, this is a must see for everyone who's interested in art and fashion.


A beautiful and enchanting female face is given make-up. It’s the Japanese artist Pyuupiru: neither man nor woman - and both at once.
From 2001, when eccentric Japanese visited clubs in absurdist costumes, Pyuupiru was followed by friend and filmmaker Matsunaga. Pyuupiru’s handmade creations, that he/she sketches intuitively yet acurately, are becoming known in art circles. People are impressed by Pyuupiru’s manga-like pink giants and beautiful but confrontational self-portraits about identity. Yet behind this talented (wo)man is a sometimes deeply unhappy soul. Pyuupiru’s hormone therapy and a major sex-change operation are responsible for an emotional rollercoaster, and the quest for love is difficult.

Matsunaga followed his friend Pyuupiru for eight years. Beautiful shots of theatrical creations are juxtaposed with intimate, emotional moments. For instance, when Pyuupiru’s heart is broken. And when he/she realises he/she is being taken seriously as an artist. Matsunaga lovingly follows the transformation of an artist and a person.

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