Monday 9 May 2011

Toneelstad Maastricht festival 2011

The fourth edition of the Maastricht Toneelstad Festival (Theare festival) is about the Euregion.
Therefore the program includes performances by groups from Aachen, Sittard, Sankt Vith, Hasselt, Liege and Maastricht. In addition, in the theaters of Liege, Hasselt and Maastricht major international plays are presented.

Troubleyn / Jan Fabre: Prometheus Landscape II

an Fabre took inspiration for his latest production from the adventures of Prometheus, a mythological ‘rebel without a cause’. Prometheus rebelled against the supreme god Zeus, stole the fire from the heaven and gave it to humanity. Zeus punished him by chaining him to the Caucasus. To Fabre, Prometheus is a figurehead of proud autonomy. The audience become fellow sufferers of this tragic hero's dreadful fate, thus purifying them of the toxins in his body. Nine performers a total work of word, music, dance and performance.
Scheduled in Theater a/h Vrijthof

Het Geluid Maastricht: HR l a burned out opera

A burned-up electronic opera about modern mid-lifers with two opera singers, bloodcurdlingly exciting sound effects and surprising lyrics. Scheduled in Ainsi Maastricht.

Ilay den Boer: Zoek het lekker zelf uit! - Het Beloofde Feest 4

Together with the children in the audience Ilay den Boer tries to build a home where nobody argues and everyone is happy.Scheduled in Huis van Bourgondië.

Check the nice promo trailers:

Maastricht Toneelstad Festival 2011 from TheaterMaastricht on Vimeo.

Deel 2 Maastricht Toneelstad Festival 2011 from TheaterMaastricht on Vimeo.

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