Wednesday, 4 May 2011

ZOUT by Conny Janssen Danst

Tuesday evening, May 3, Theater aan het Vrijthof hosted ‘ZOUT’ the latest
choreography of Conny Janssen. In ZOUT there are seven exceedingly strong, male dancers and Anne Soldaat, currently one of the best guitarists in the Dutch pop scene.

Before the show there was an introduction in which Conny Janssen herself was interviewed.

Several years ago Conny and her team began by developing a main idea for this performance. It would be a representation of the principle of 'control and losing control "and it would be a performance with only male dancers.

Following up on her highly acclaimed productions ‘Welk een eer voor het vaderland te mogen sterven’ (1996) and REBOUND (2005), Conny Janssen’s third choreography also features men only. ZOUT, Dutch for ‘salt’, is a choreography for eight men - seven dancers and guitarist Anne Soldaat - who move in a world where order and control have to keep chaos at bay.

picture by Leo van Velzen

picture by Leo van Velzen

Until 2004, Anne Soldaat was a member of the successful band Daryll-Ann. His solo CD In Another Life appeared to great acclaim last year. He has also played in Tim Knol’s band since 2009. Many people now consider Anne Soldaat the best guitarist in the Netherlands.

Conny Janssen explains the meaning of the title ZOUT.
‘Salt is a powerful word with many associations. Salt puts processes into effect, makes the hard soft and brigs transformation into being’.

Conny Janssen: ‘I like the dynamics you get with a group of men, the direct way in which they communicate and the physical possibilities they offer me. This also gives me a certain freedom. I do not have to create pretty duets, so we can deal with different things. Over the last few years, I have developed a particular line in large-scale works for mixed groups such as SO HERE WE ARE (2008), and I find it interesting to take that line further with these eight men.’
picture by Leo van Velzen

As in all her work, the music is prominent but it leaves enough room for the dancers to tell the story. The music, the dancers and the whole setting in ZOUT is another strong performance by Conny Janssen Danst and truly a great experience.

thank you for a great evening!

More about Conny Janssen Danst and the playlist for ZOUT:

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