Thursday, 23 June 2011

Future fashion stars at Antwerp show 2011

Here is the overview of show 2011 from Artesis (Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp). Seen on Friday June 17.
There where lot of nice collections in the third year, such as Manon Kündig, Mathias Weber, Wali Mohammed Barrech, and You Wie Ng. In the second year memorable was the collection of Felix Boehm, Cameron Foden, Yong Soon Kwon and Edmond Ooi Kee Seong (who's work is on the 2011 poster).
There where lot of crazy shoes, theatrical collections, and though the show really takes too long it was really worth it.

More about the masters:

1st Year Historical Costumes

Yong Soon Kwon

2nd Year

Cameron Foden

Felix Boehm

Yong Soon Kwon

Edmond Ooi Kee Seong

Florian Feder

Jack Davey

3rd year

Manon Kündig

You Wie Ng 'The Gentle Push'

Sol Alonso Nicolich 'The tribe of the forgotten patatoes'

Eva Dunis 'T with Laurence'

Claire Michel 'Los Nahuales'

Marius Janusauskas ;Algabal'

Mathias Weber 'Tibetan Bratwurst'

Anissa Aouar '1 husband, 2 poodles, 3 million dollars'

Rey Pador "...If you set me free, I will not run..."

Wim Bruynooghe 'Cocohead'

Pierre Renaux 'Tout doit disparaitre'

Sarah Archut 'Von der schlange verwandelt'

Linda Wiesner 'Senora Aero Club'

Tabitha Osler 'Burning Bush'

Wali Mohammed Barrech

Master 4th Year
For all masters check my previous post:

Niels Peeraer



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