Thursday, 18 August 2011

Niels Peeraer in MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp

The exhibition is closed since few days but still it's worth to share this beautiful collection by Niels Peeraer.

Each year the MoMu Fashion Museum presents a MoMu Award to a MA student at the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy in Antwerp. This award, to be presented during the jury proclamation in June, gives a single student the opportunity to present his or her collection in an exhibition at the MoMu Gallery. The MoMu Award is for a student whose course of study at the Royal Academy has been exceptionally motivating and whose work stands out in unique visual language. The recipient of the 2011 MoMu Award is Niels Peeraer. He presents his graduate collection Guess technology isn’t ready for pancake teleportation, consisting of couture-like tweed silhouettes, handmade leather armour, accessories and clothes, Japanese wooden sandals, all in candy-coloured pastels.

Niels Peeraer: The collection is about a boy who has an imaginary boyfriend. Everyday, he prepares himself to get married. This, together with the love for his armour, videogames and his grandmother’s couture jackets, shapes his cute wardrobe. As the basis for my collection, I chose this diary entry from my main character, the silhouettes, graphic work and scenography for the MoMu gallery are based on this passage: “I’m confused, I’m sitting here on the sofa, the heart my boyfriend drew on the mirror is still there, my heart in a rice cooker. I think I’ll marry him again at lunch. My cat is sleeping but it’s already been 4 days. Well, I have to go to the supermarket anyway. Guess technology isn’t ready for pancake teleportation”.


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