Monday, 29 August 2011

A picture of youth in the 12th Issue of ACNE PAPER

The 12th Issue for summer 2011 by ACNE PAPER celebrates youth. This is one of the most inspiring and beautiful issues in the world of magazines since long time. ACNE PAPER gives a platform to young people from various backgrounds. From composer Erik Satie and painter Rembrandt to musician Patrick Wolf, filmmaker Xavier Dolan, photographer Julia Hetta and violinist Charlie Siem.

'Why do artistic skills that once stood as the fundaments of cultural life receive so little attention today? In an era of globalisation, increased commerce, mass-production, consumer culture and self-publicity, what does the future hold for the young who have chosen classical training, fine arts and crafts?
To illustrate these questions ACNE PAPER showcased various young people whose talent and dedication breathe new life into traditional art forms from around the world.' 
(part from the prologue by Thomas Persson, ACNE PAPER Editor-in-Chief.)

Take a fruther look,!/issue/12/.
Don't forget to read the prologue!

prologue by Thomas Persson
Editor -in- Chief and creative director

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