Wednesday, 24 August 2011

'We're all in the dance' by designer Six Lee

Meet designer Six Lee, who recently launched his label and presented a new collection 'We're all in the dance".

The 2012 collection is titled " We're all in the dance" which is a line from the lyrics of Feist song.

Life's a dance, we all have to do
What does the music require?
People are moving together
Close as the flames in a fire
Feel the beat; music and rhyme
While there is time.
We all go 'round and 'round
Partners are lost and found
Looking for one more chance
All I know is,
We're all in the dance

BP: Can you tell us something about your label and your new collection?

Six Lee: My brand Six Lee is founded in 2011 and based in Hong Kong and Belgium.
After graduating from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2009, I moved to London to join the Alexander McQueen menswear team.
Inspired by the traditional British tailoring - translated in clean cuts and sharp lines - combined with soft colors and dreamy, boyish details result in unique silhouettes as well as new fresh approach with modern twists and proportions, to make a futuristic touch on classical tailoring.

WIth the beautiful photographs from Antoine-D'Agata, all the fades away photos with unique, moving, sensual, brutal, sometimes even shocking, wavering between desire, pleasure and suffering - one moment attracting us to desirable bodies or exciting situations, and the next to something we have no reason to desire.
I connected both “ scene ” together, with the thought of even life is complicated, which is full of desires, faded away memories and same path of lost and seek. But the only trick is if we live it like a dance, trying to enjoy every moment of it, that’s “ the harmony of life”.
I see water, ice, galaxy and different kind of weater, those are the element for the prints from this collection.
The muse of this collection Rudolf Nureyev, the costume of matador and my favorites British tailoring to create the futuristic silhouette to represent or continuing the story of we’re all in the dance no matter when.

BP: You made a video with multi talented Frederik Heyman, how was it to work with him?

Six Lee: For me, it’s such an honor to work with Frederik Heyman again. The time when I started to think about making a video for this collection, Frederik was on the top of my list. I always loved his work. His unique point of view and tasteful aesthetic brought my work to another level, which I could not have achieved by myself before.
We planned everything ahead for a month before shooting and it all went very well.
It was a very delightful experience to work with Frederik and his team. I am looking forward for next season, and hope we could bring up something amazing again.

BP: Where do you find your inspiration?

Six Lee: As an overall romantic person, I’m inspired by all kinds of genres of music, films and art.
I like to do lot of research on costumes from all over the world, absorb the various cultures and lifestyles because it helps to understand what clothing is all about. In my work I try to bring elements from the past to now and further more.

BP: Can you share some future dreams with us?

Six Lee: My dream for the future is to keep doing what I like and what I want.
For my brand, I aim to keep on my Antwerp aesthetic, with good quality of fabrics from abroad, find a proper factory in China to make quality furnishings and to keep the balance between quality and affordable clothes and prices.

BP: Where is your label available?

Six Lee: For the first season the label will not be available for sale in stores.
First I want to build up my own image for my brand because I believe that branding is important to able to last in fashion.

Photographer: Koen Vernimmen
Make Up & Hair: Annelien Debusschere
Model: Nick M @ Dominique


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