Friday, 16 September 2011

Bas Kosters for Zeeman

Last night Dutch designer Bas Kosters launched the collection he made for the cheapest Dutch textile retailer Zeeman. The presentation was held a big old shack in Amsterdam with a pop-up store and an installation. Models were lying in a large bed and walking around in underwear of Bas Kosters for Zeeman. Soon after the speeches the installation turned into a pyjama party and joyful celebration of this unique collaboration with Bas Kosters and Zeeman. This project fits perfect to the ‘anti-fashion’ ideology of Bas Kosters. The colorful and playful collection is inspired by American sportswear from the 70’s. Bas Kosters for Zeeman collection will be available in limited editions in all Zeeman shops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France from 19th of September.

© Branko Popovic

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