Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cultuur Frituur snack bar by Het Geluid Maastricht

The new cultural season has been opened last weekend during Parcours Maastricht 2011. For many creative people and theater makers the new season will be a harsh and cold winter thanks to new Dutch cultural policy. Theatre group Het Geluid Maastricht launched a very cool and tasty concept 'Cultuur Frituur'. It's a snackbar for some fastfood snacks and some culture, they make food for you, sing you a song and welcome you with a smile. 'Fastfood is our friendly and positive actionism". Because things should be fun and easy to digest. Because things are supposed to be immediately useful. Because we have to appeal to a broad audience, because then it may exist. To achieve paying consumer target in order to attempt some of the equity required to retrieve.

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