Saturday, 17 September 2011

Encounter with Kris Micallef

Kris Micallef
In the first week of September we (FASHIONCLASH) flew to amazing Malta. Nawie Kuiper and I showed our collections at Runway Malta on behalf of FASHIONCLASH. There we got the know Kris Micallef, a very passionate and talented photographer / architect, who proposed to do a photoshoot after the event.
Thanks to wonderful SO Management we got to work with two very beautiful and talented models Danny Pryke and Macram Borg.

Here is a preview from this very great shoot but first get to know Kris Micallef!

Conversation with Kris Micallef:

BP: You studied architecture, does it influences your work?
KM: Yes, I've always did my best to combine the two - photography & architecture, even during my time at university. I consider myself lucky to live in Malta as it has a lot of history and some beautiful unique buildings which are perfect backdrops for fashion photography, some of which are very inspiring.

BP: What inspires / fascinates you?
KM: I'm usually inspired by my subjects and the team I'm working with, but often music plays an important role.

BP: Who is your favorite photographer / artist? 
KM: Steven Klein.

BP: Who would you like to work with? 
KM: The list is endless ! :)

BP: What are your plans for the future? 
KM: To travel and keep creating.

BP: Your favorite work/picture so far? 
KM: Quite a difficult one but these are two of my favourite shots:

More about Kris Micallef:

Preview from the shoot! Take a look here!

Laurens Hamacher

Kris and Laurens

Nawie Kuiper and Macram Borg

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