Friday, 23 September 2011

Geintje! / Sike! by Nik & Ben

Geinte/ Sike Just got back from Het Huis van Bourgondië where I saw Geinte! (Sike!), Nik & Ben amusing attempt to save the world. With their endless energy and their unfailing sense of haute couture they must succeed this time. Previous times they failed because of their ‘we-want-it-but-don’t-know-how-to’ feel. That’s why this time they decide to call in help. They write a letter with the short but complicated question: "How can we save the world?". The letter is addressed to the House of Representatives, the well-known charities, artists and philosophers. As the responses arrive, Nik&Ben engage in a fierce battle for the welfare of the world and all its inhabitants.
Concept and play: Benjamin Moen, Nik van den Berg / Direction: Catoke Kramer

Have a look at the trailer:


You can see it on 14th October in Theater Kikker in Utrecht and at Jonge Harten Festival in Groningen on November 23.

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