Monday, 19 September 2011

Mis voor Ongelovigen / Mass for Unbelievers

Going from the Ten Commandments to a 'Mis voor ongelovigen' (Mass for Unbelievers) seems a sharp contrast. But must not every human, at some point or other, face the question of how he/she relates to religion? Mankind and his issues with religion are an important source of inspiration for many artists. Based on the book The Ten Commandments; manual for the 21st century by the Spanish philosopher Fernando Savater (1947), this Mass for Unbelievers is an abstract composition in which folk music and composed music entwine and entice dance and singing.

Mass for Unbelievers is a production of Intro in Situ for Musica Sacra Festival Maastricht. A contemporary music performance on location, about the question how modern men should relate to religion. In Mass for Unbelievers folk music and composed music (both original) combine into a symbiosis, that seduces to song and dance. It's truly a joyful and sublime musical journey. It's too bad that it's performed only a few times, because it's really worth to see. 

COMPOSER: Jeroen D’hoe / THEATRE DIRECTOR: Lieke Benders / MUSIC DIRECTOR AND BAGPIPE:Jean-Pierre van Hees VIOLIN: Aag Dereymaeker / ACCORDION: Ludo Mariën / GUITAR: Jurgen De bruyn / SOPRANO: Annelies van Gramberen / BASS: Wout Oosterkamp Actor: Dennis Vanderbroeck

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