Sunday 9 October 2011

Lichtjaren / Lightyears

Lichtjaren /Lightyears was part of the program of Dutch Dance Festival 2011 in Maastricht. 

Young and old people dance, but in Lichtjaren (Lightyears), they dance together. In an inflatable Dance House, the renowned performers Amy Gale (1948) and Luc Boyer (1935) will be sharing the floor in two duets with young dancers, Bart de Leeuw (1998) and Sofie Konings (1997) from Limburg (the southern region of the Netherlands). The older performer isn’t seen enough in dance, and not in combination with a dancer who has just started. 

'A duet for two' by Catoke Kramer

Director: Catoke Kramer
performers: Luc Boyer and Bart de Leeuw
sound: Lukas Kramer

Catoke Kramer graduated from Toneelacademie Maastricht in the summer of 2010.

'It's about time' by Alida Dors

The second performance in Lichtjaren/Lightyears
was by the choreographer Alida Dors.

Performers: Amy Gale and Sofie Kinings.
Composer: Simone Piotr

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