Sunday 30 October 2011


Last weekend 'Oervrienden' premiered in Maastricht during Festival Jong in Theater aan het Vrijthof. I had the pleasure to be invloved again.

Oervrienden is a hilarious story about the odyssey that two friends are looking for DWAVK "there where everything comes from."

Have a look at the previous produktion where I was invloved in 'De Algehele Mist':

Story and play: Esther de Koning
Acting support and direction: Joost Horward
Production: Stip Produkties
In theatre's until June 2012.
Check it out!
(theatre play for everyone from age 8)

All pictures by Branko Popovic.

Joost Horward & Esther de Koning
Premiere in Maastricht
Theater aan het Vrijthof

Design by Burobraak

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