Wednesday 16 November 2011

'Don't shoot the messenger' by Vincent van der Valk

Last weekend I went to Het Huis van Bourgondie to see the first solo performance by Vincent van der Valk: 'Don't shoot the messenger'.
I have seen Vincent play in 'The Lonesome West' (Daria Bukvic) and in 'Oh my God, it's a horse' (Casper Vandeputte) he impressed me in both productions with his acting performance.
'Don't shoot the messenger' is a dynamic and contemporary theatre performance about the search for the truth about the world. He holds a mirror up to him self but also confronts the audience with it. Are we really free to make our own choices? What's real and what is fake? Heavy questions and issues come together in an exciting and clever performance where all of Vincent talents successfully come together. It is certainly one of the better performances of young theatre-makers I've seen recently. Shoot or don't shoot the messenger? Vincent van der Valk proves to be a very promising actor / theatre-maker.

I really like the poster and image design by that Badly Designed Suitcase.


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