Monday 28 November 2011

Toegepast 16: Les Nouveaux

picture by Kristof Vrancken
For the sixteenth time in a row, Design Platform Limburg offers the chance to talented designers to develop their work and theirselves.
Coached once again by the fashion designer duo Ti + Hann.
Out of fourty kandidates, five recently graduated designers were selected to showcase brand new work (a part of) their universe in Z33.
A diversity of disciplines are shown: graphical design, jewellery design and product design. Overall great presentations and very nice work from all designers.

Toegepast 16: Les Nouveaux can be viewed in an exhibitions from October 30, 2011 to February 5, 2012 in Z33, Hasselt.

Shana Teugels 
Shana Teugels (24) Sint-Lucas Antwerp - jewellery design

Jewellery designer meets Barbie To Shana Teugels there is no in-between in "kitsch and design", because all kitsch is art. That maybe won't work for everybody, but it certainly does to her. It glitters and sparkles, it rejects and attrackts. But no matter the reactions of the audience; there is always some fascination.

Niek Kosten
Niek Kosten (25) PHL – graphical design acitivism and visual identity
A visual research into identity leads to a manifest. Making the abstract tangible through grafical design can clearly go in different ways. The interpretation of the audience leads the way: is the installation of Niek Kosten fanatical or just innocent enthousiasm?

Dik Scheepers
Dik Scheepers (33) ABKM Maastricht – product design

The imperfectionist Accoridng to Dik Scheepers, wer're not taking any risks. We'd rather get a chair at IKEA than make one of our own. But Dik is the living proof that having skills and knowledge of materials doesn't bring you to a halt, but that these factors are the things that can inspire you to your best work.

Jihyun Ryou

Jihyun Ryou (30) Design Academy Eindhoven

Designer of the daily stuff Inspired by proverbial wisdom, Jihyun Ryou puts our modern world upside down. Not even that long ago, we lived hassle-free without a refrigerator. Can design turn back time, without living in the past?

Lore Langendries
Lore Langendries (23) PHL - jewellery design

Between industrial designer and craftswoman Lore Langendries engages in the layering of jewellery. The tension field between industrial and craft design is being studied, played with and shifted. How does the one thing lead to the other and vice versa? A pharmacist bottle will tell.

Coached by Ti + Hann. Well done girls!

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