Friday 11 November 2011

'Wait Here' by Philip Lüschen

Artificial lights, old magazines, smelly people. Philip Lüschen came up with a project 'WAIT HERE' that breaks through the passive dynamic of endless waiting in waiting rooms.
Philip Lüschen just graduated cum laude from Design Academy in Eindhoven. The project contains a book including tips and tricks for any waiting room inconvenience and two objects designed as practical implements but when not in use, function as icebreakers. The objects also stimulate our imagination.

I accually know Philip from high school, it was a very nice surprise to bump into him again and to see his project. Well done!

You have waited long enough?
Use the sneak in front tool, and let other people waiting
disappear behind the empty chairs.
Act quick, otherwise you end up sitting behind

Philip Lüschen 

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