Friday 16 December 2011

Apocalypse SS 2012 by SADAK

SADAK is for years one of my favorite labels and somehow I forgot to blog about it. So here it is.

I would love to post all his work, but for that I advise you to have look at the website: 
He works most of the time with amazing photographer Daniel Bolliger-Samo.
SADAK is a label by a Berlin based designer Saša Kovacevic. He is originally from Serbia. He graduated from Kunsthochschule-Berlin in 2010.
The whole concept of SADAK is based on tradition, ethnography, anthropology, history, and clothing. Saša incorporates a variety of elements from proceeding periods, together with the clothing features of the period when they were made and worn, often using the mystical and poetic stories. SADAK is the ancient name for a traditional sleeveless jacket worn in some regions of the Balkans. The preserved magical meaning of sadak in its original oral and visual context is transformed and adapted to contemporary reality, becoming independent through the development or construction of forms, figures, motifs, magical objects, statements, temporal codes of society, space, objects and functions of protagonists.

'APOCALYPSE' SS 2012 collection is a dream in silks, cottons and leather 'Apocalypse´: Robes of Salvation, Garments of Joy,
With roots in Kovacevic’s Serbian heritage, Apokalypsis represents the thematic intersection of apocalypse and rapture. A dream in silks, cottons and leather, the collection imparts tranquility and spiritual joy. At the same time, designs are a surreal evokation of salvation and transcendence, a bold juxtaposition of age-old belief systems and post-modern science fiction. 

Photography: Daniel Bolliger-Samo 
Fashion: SADAK 
Styling:Laura Lazzura 
Make up:Anette Kamontt 
Models: Max@IZAIO.DE and Dario

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