Monday 20 February 2012

Emerging Croatian fashion designers during London Fashion Week

Emerging Croatian fashion designers Andreja Bistričić, Romina Mejak, Adela Kliškić & Nikola Barbir jointly presented their work in  during International Fashion Showcase, that is scheduled during London Fashion Week AW2012.
It's a strong exhibition that looks at fashion beyond its narrow definition as a moneymaking commodity, by focussing on its importance in our wider society. The exhibition aims to question whether we should follow fashion, or be free from its influence, while also considering the role it plays in defining our identity in the world from both personal and national perspectives. Incorporating sculpted leather accessories, clothes inspired by human anatomy and chemically- treated fabrics; the show engages both on both a visual and philosophical level.
Alongside the clothing and accessoiries the exhibited work also showcased beautiful photography. The presentation took place in Stone Theatre Gallery, which was not really on my route but at the end I was happy I went.

Andreja Bistričić

Nikola Barbir

Adela Kliškić & Nikola Barbir

Romina Mejak

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