Thursday 2 February 2012

Painted Secret performance by Painted Series

Painted Series presents 'Painted Secret' collection during WinterSALON 2012.
Painted Secret is a limited edition of 24 related tops and shifts. Painted Secret is a series of delicate, fully fashioned knitted camisoles and 'shifts' in silk/cashmere yarn, worn as a secret to the skin. The pieces stem from the same pattern, machine-knitted in different colour variations. They have evolved into unique pieces, by the addition of Bulgarian handlace and woven clothing elements. The various hands and the machine complement each other in this work.

Painted Secret is presented in a video performace 'Dance me your secrets' with dancer Natascha Dejong and the band TOVERSEX. Led by Dutch designers Saskia van Drimmelen and Margreet Sweerts, Painted Series is a collective that blurs the lines between fashion and performance, and expands the idea of what a garment can be.
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Natascha Dejong

You can see more work by nice work from Painted Series during WinterSALON 2012 in Museum van Loon

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