Wednesday 14 March 2012

Konea Ra

Matthias "Mangara" Cermak wearing
Meet Konea Ra!
Their video for the song 'Ping Pong' premiered yesterday (March 13) and on 2nd of March debut their album 'Pray for the sun' came out .
With their debut album "Pray for sun" Konea Ra lead us on a journey which highlights the bizarre world of inner conflicts wherein the themes are love, lust, and conformity. Konea Ra's music is a combination of deep soul singing and unexpected beats that result in independent, urban, and opulent electro-pop - a truly original never before heard on the Austrian music production horizon.
 Konea Ra is the music project of Matthias "Mangara" Cermak & Stephanie Zamagna

I am very honored that my work is a part of this great video!

Have a look at the video!

Konea Ra 'Pray for the sun' album

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