Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Streets in Focus - Urban Exploration by Palladium

Combining more than 60 years of authenticity with modern day manufacturing, premium resources and cutting edge styling, Palladium takes pride in the enterprising creatives that sport its timeless footwear even though working in the field.
Three rising photographers hit the streets of the world's most iconic cities to take us on a guided tour of their inspirations and the lives they live. The three-part series, entitled Streets in Focus, will showcase each photographer as they offer firsthand insight on their craft and the hidden terrain that inspires them within their home cities: New York, London and São Paulo.
Based on the brand's iconic Pampa boot, the brand new Palladium Sport line combines the heritage, form, function and durability of the ultimate Palladium classic with a burst of bright color and a bold white rubber outsole. Available in both boot and oxford height, Palladium Sport gives a little dash of sporting adventurous warmth amidst the chill of spring, a reminder of adventures to come.
This series of unique and beautifully shot videos will feature New York-based photographer and filmmaker Awol Erizku, Irish photographer and fashion label owner Joshua Gordon and Manuela Costa Lima, who is inspired by the architecture in and around São Paulo. Each highly sought-after photographer pushes the boundaries in their field on a daily basis -- they are the perfect cultural heroes to lead us to parts of these globally renowned cities that the guide books normally skip over, and to show us the charm of it while we're there.


Awol Erizku is a photographer, filmmaker, and sculptor raised in the Bronx. When he's not curating OFF THE WALL TV or adding to the relentless stream of images on his personal Tumblr, he's putting some formidable training to work. After graduating from Cooper Union and honing his skills while working for David LaChapelle, Lorna Simpson, Margret Morton, and Christine Osinski, he's developed into one of New York's most remarkable photographers. Eschewing digital trickery in favor of a cultivated eye and a devotion to old school film cameras, Erizku shoots for magazines like VICE, MAXIM, PHOTOGRAPHER'S FORUM, and WHITEWALL.


Irish photographer, Joshua Gordon is a voracious entrepreneur, rapidly becoming a rising star across music, fashion and art, in both his hometown of Dublin and across the pond on British soil. A fashion photographer by trade, his success started a few years back with the creation of his blog, FucknFilthy, a simple place to post pieces from his shoots (for clients such as Urban Outfitters and Lazy Oafs) and share his inspiration from around the world. Now a Tumblr heavyweight, amassing thousands of notes on a single post, his blog has given him the platform to create a fashion label of his own, pushing out his bold signature style through limited edition pieces sold online and in pop up stores. Photography is in Josh’s blood, the son of an acclaimed press photographer he was surrounded by cameras from an early age and this desire to capture the world as it passes by has given him the passion and creativity to stand out as an artist.

Manuela Costa Lima, 28, was born and raised in Sao Paulo. She got interested in photography during dark room workshops at FAU (Architecture and Urbanism College) where she is currently completing her major. Manuela uses an analog camera to register scenes that she “wouldn’t know how to build”. The architecture also appears unconsciously, she says, at the crops, shapes and lines of her images. She got married recently, and lately has been photographing her new home and her life with her husband. When asked about photographers that inspire her, she cites guys like Stephen Shore and William Eggleston. “Even when I don’t want to, I feel their influence.”

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