Thursday, 8 March 2012

Wherever we go by Øystein Johansen

Physical Theatre at Huis van Huis van Bourgondië.
Inspired by isolation and how humans relate to each other in solitude Øystein Johansen made his first but strong piece at Huis van Bourgondië with ‘Wherever we go’. 
In 'Wherever we go' we meet three men hiding. They hide from the end of everything. In their fear of the end their doubts and believes come to the surface. Where isolation makes a bubble, a reality within the reality, while the world outside actually goes on. 
Three promising performers Yannick GreweldingerIgor VrebacMarius Mensink take you to a place where no one wants to go but yet we all can somehow relate to. 
The evening was even more inspring with a nice encounter with the performer Igor Vrebac, with whom I share the passion to make work inspired by our Ex-Yugoslavia roots. 
Øystein graduated from Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in 2010 with the honouring award Top Naeff for his artistic merits during his education. http://www.ø

For information and reservations! Language no problem!

Yannick GreweldingerIgor VrebacMarius Mensink

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