Monday, 30 April 2012

Dressing Room Project at FAT Toronto 2012

Dressing Room Project: A virtual & on-site multimedia art experience. 12 site-specific artist spaces presented work ranging from live performances, broadcasts and video projections to interactive photo booths and more.

Here are some highlights.
For more have a look here:

'Transpolation' by Uta Levan and Cristian Tonhaiser

Transpolation is multimedia installation exploring connection between mankind and the nature in contemporary world; the impact of technology and urban life on human being and its reflection on our planet. It is a futuristic symbiosis of desire to live closer to nature.

Dance Frame by Tracy Oosten
Dance Frame is a simple invention of the moving image in a gallery setting. The literal frame from the traditional arts is borrowed to enhance the intangible frame by which the moving image is bound. The illusion is that the small animated dancer exists and moves within the the frames limitations with little tolerance.

'Fashion Fetish' by MAJA ZII

Maja R. Ozegovic, born in Belgrade/Serbia. and now living and working in Toronto/ CA. She received BFA from The Belgrade University of Art/ Faculty of Fine Arts/ with major in sculpture/installation in 2005.

This project is consisted of a video installation and 6 sculptures/objects. The content of the video will will in artistic maner go through history of fashion, its fetishes, clothing, body, desire, jewelry, divas, make-up etc. And for the sculptural part, with 6 objects I would also use frames to put inside some fashion objects, fetishes to produce 3D collages.

'Draw the Limit' by Liesje van den Berk
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“Broadcast People” by Gwen Brydson is a narration of the impending, an individual’s future defined by the choice to go public or remain private. A live photo installation. Part of Gwen’s Amplified People series, Broadcast People involves the use of free online services, wireless technology, social media and the participation of FAT attendees.

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