Thursday, 12 April 2012

In-Fashion, The first Fashion event in Utrecht

On 21st of April Utrecht will celebrate it's very first fashion event: In-Fashion.
The program is a full day schedule with lectures from fashion experts and presentations.  While you are in Utrecht you can also visit Puha Shop and Designercafe.

For 1 day the Utrecht Hotel Dom changes in a house where you can unravel stories of young fashion designers, stories behind their designs and the world of the fashion industry.
In the exhibtion there are few familiar names and few designers that will take part at FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012 such as Femke Agema, Manon Boertien, Barbara Langendijk and Maite Catti.
You can also see Studio Jux, the winners of the Green Fashion Competition 2012. To remind you on that:

For more information about In-Fashion Utrecht 

In the exhibition you can see the work of:

Marloes Blaas, Femke Agema, Charlotte Kan, Manon Boertien, Maartje Dijkstra, Studio Jux, Marina Toeters, Twin Couture, Daisy Kroon, Fenny Faber, Winde Rienstra, Renske Versluijs, Q Hisashi Shibata, I-did Slow Fashion, Annemarie Westen, Barbara Langendijk, Samira Algoe, Maite Catti, mimik.magazine, Stella Teunissen, Carmen Hendriks Pet van de Luijtgaarden and Nadja Wering

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