Monday, 30 April 2012

Liesje van den Berk - Draw the Limit

One of the highlights during FAT Arts and Fashion Week Toronto was the performance 'Draw the Limit' by Dutch artist Liesje van den Berk.  I had the pleasure to meet her during our stay in Toronto.
“ Draw the limit” is an interactive performance installation about the limits of your body and opens up new horizons. In a virgin white dressing room I draw the limits of the body of the spectators. Can I catch the bodyscapes of the spectator? When they are constantly on the move? Can I catch the before they escape the lines? During the four day’s the room will get coloured with bodyscapes. The result is a colourful installation filled with lines of boundaries of the bodies that are crossed over and over again.
Liesje van den Berk is a visual artist. She makes realistic drawings, which often grow into installations with real people and performance. She shows her work in galleries and public space in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States, such as Bart Kunst in Huis, Oerol and Grimmuseum Berlin.

In her work she questions the presence of human beings. How are you related to the space around you, the others and time? Which room exists between yourself and another? Can you ever really make contact with the other? And how will you preserve your personal space and inner peace in a world where you constantly overloaded by information, impressions and distractions. She researches these questions in realistic drawings, which often grow into installations with real people and theater or performance. The performances and installations create a direct contact and presence between her, her work and the public.

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