Tuesday 1 May 2012

Raji Aujla at FAT Toronto

Raji Aujla presented a wearable and well tailored mens collection with nice details.
This collection was influenced by the clash between the British Raj and the Indian nationals during the first uprising against colonial rule. At that socio-political intersection – the Indian Rebellion of 1857 – the British Raj prevailed. However, an independent national revolution tremored. The collection narrates a story about the evolution from the bourgeois elite to national intelligentsia.
Raji Aujla is a journalist, reporting on stories of human rights abuses, international affairs, war and conflict. fashion allows her to tempt her creative conscious and tell stories through another medium. although a complete introvert, fashion is one space where she is able to express herself. She identifies herself as the lovechild of visual culture and politics on twitter. Her young brand reflects it.

Very nice look!

I love this outfit, and also the model (perfomer) gave the
collection the right edge

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