Sunday, 15 April 2012

Woven Bird by Mark Goldenberg

Meet Mark Goldenberg, young fashion designer, who graduated at Shenker Collage in Isreal in 2011.
While searching for young talents I came across 'Woven Bird' collection and it made me curious to find out more about this promising designer.

Encounter with Mark Goldenberg

B.P. Tell us something about you?
M.G I grew up in Petach Tikva, a city in the center district of Israel. As a young boy, my dream was to be a zoologist. I've always enjoyed exploring nature, and was constantly bringing in wounded birds, and nurse them into health. I was fascinated with the bone structure of their wings, and that was the start of my signature style in fashion design. I knew fashion would eventually take precedence over everything else in my life, because this passion runs in my family for generations.  My father is a tailor, and my grandfather was a furrier in his native Romania.

B.P. Can you explain your latest collection 'Woven Bird'?
M.G Each piece in my collection was handmade by me, so the entire process was intuitive, and not very calculated. My main strategy was to start with a simple and basic silhouette, use it as an external skeleton of some sort, and slowly build up the structures, as if they were flesh and feathers, on the skeleton. It was during this project that I've self-taught myself how to weave on a loom, and how to warp and tension all those threads, to create an original and colorful piece of art. The name "Woven Bird" is a heartfelt homage to the birds that inspired this project. Since early childhood their spirit is woven into mine.

B.P. Where do you find inspiration? What fascinates you?
M.G I'm very intrigued by taxidermists and their delicate work process. I often find my work to be very similar to theirs. It's a beautiful process of preservation and reconstruction.

B.P. Your favorite artist / designer?
M.G My favorite fashion designer is Alexander McQueen. However, this particular collection was inspired by the work of Russian sculptor, Naum Gabo. I first encountered Naum Gabo's work in 2010, as part of my research experience at Pentland, in London. His sculptures captured my attention with their calm charisma and exquisite resemblance to the bone structure of a bird's wing.

B.P. Your plans / dreams for the future?
M.G I'm currently playing with the idea of translating my "Woven bird" project, into a more practical and wearable line of clothing, but these things take time and financial resources (that I do not have at the present moment) so I'm using this time to strengthen my spirit, before entering this mad world of High-end fashion. Wish me luck!

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