Tuesday, 22 May 2012

“hair dress” by Aleksandra Lalić

picture by Predrag Zagorac
Meet, Aleksandra Lalić from Belgrade, Serbia. You can see here 'hair dresses' at FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012.

"For years I thought I was an art historian but it turned out that I am the fashion designer who is checking the possibility of securing existence through participation in the fashion world."

The collection entitled hair_dress” consists of clothes made of felt from human hair. My intention was to demonstrate how one segment of the fashion world functions. In aestheticising the human body, some of its parts (hair, nails, mole, ribs ...) are removed as undesirable waste - trash. Having designed clothes from recycled bio-waste, I brought it back on the human body and, moreover, I made it desirable again in a theatrical situation of a fashion show. 

picture by Sinisa Mandic


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