Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sara Vrugt at FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012

Look at you 05
I have been familiar with the work of Sara Vrugt since few years and I am a fan so I was really thrilled that her work was a mayor part of the FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012 exhibition. Sara Vrugt is based in The Hague, where she also studied at the KABK, Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
She exhibited three projects so it was like a mini Studio vruGt expo.


Look at you 06
She presented 'Look at You 05', 'Look at You 06' and a recent project she made in her trip through Iran.
I'm very interested in the concept of veiling and the way women deal with this controversial piece of fabric. While traveling from The Hague to Iran, I wanted to keep a log of embroidery. So instead of making sketches in a diary of what I saw and who I encountered, I would draw and write on small pieces of fabric.

Look at you 05 is an embroidery of 100 square meters, placed in a spiral-shaped installation. This work has been executed in three months time, with the help of 250 seasoned stitchers as well as needlework novices.  
"At one end of the tapestry I portray different girls, randomly selected from Facebook. These faces are leading to an abstract version of the retina of the human eye. Those two structures have been interwoven, so that the two instances of being viewed from the outside and looking from the inside out, are forming a relationship. Incorporated in the tapestry are round, transparent sections, which line up with each other in ever decreasing size to form tunnels, a telescopic window effect."

"I’m fascinated by the way in which other people look at each other, the way in which I look at people, but also how people look at me. Because all the experiments, installations and garments I have been making lately are connected to this subject I have chosen this title for the series. It is work in progress."

Look at You 06

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