Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ado les Scents - DIFFUSION SS 2013

The spring/summer 2013 collection of Ado les Scents, designed by Hyun Yeu finds its origin in Turkey. Together with a group of Dutch designers Hyun Yeu visited Istanbul in connection with Salon/Istanbul and was inspired by the intriguing combination of Eastern and Western cultures.
The collection is titled 'Diffusion', a clash of cultures, shapes and style elements. Experimental designs are mixed with more accessible garments and also existing designs are reinterpreted. Hyun Yeu combines this into a strong collection that represents his bright design signature and aesthetics.
The almost entirely white collection includes tops and shorts,  Hyun Yeu's signature slim cuted blazers and lightweight suits. The round shapes inspired by the costumes of traditional Turkish dancers are alternated with skin-tight silhouettes. The collection contains an exciting mix of cotton, leather,  sumer wool and jersey.

Ado les Scents ss2013 collection was presented last weekend in Oudekerk in Amsterdam in connection with SALON/Istanbul.

All images are by Peter Stigter.

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