Thursday 12 July 2012

'Een Pompstation' by Toneelgroep Maastricht / De Queeste

Toneelgroep Maastricht and De Queeste joined forces once again for the theatre play 'Een Pompstation' (A Gas Station).
The performance took place on the outer area of the Timmerfabriek.
I have seen many plays of Toneelgroep Maastricht but mostly at the Derlon Theater and to begin with that was already a very refreshing start of the experience.
I'm not so quickly impressed but what I liked here is that it was unpretentious and entertaining theatre and all that in a great decor.
The actors managed to bring this story, written by Gildas Bourdet, to life in a credible way.  In particular, Bram van der Kelen in his role as Tuut-Tuut and Judith Pol in her role as Therese But it was Katrien De Ruysscher as Maud who's strong and uplifting performance tied this tragicomedy together.
A mechanic, working at a run down (French) gas station next to an airport strip, guides us through the story. A story about a mother and her three daughters in search for a way out of their desolate circumstances. Daughter Maud is about to get married and everything seems to be going her way. Untill, after 18 years of absence, their father reappears and has no intention of leaving soon. The story and the nerves wind up quickly. Before the end of the play the mechanic (our friend) leaves us with the wreckage of the family. Unable to get it to run again? A funny and sometimes moving play about family problems in a french suburb.                                                                                   

During the short break we were treated with a glass of pastis and together with the music and the scenery it felt like being on a road trip to France.
Too bad that this was the last performance, it would have been a great tip for the summer.

Directed by Domien Van Der Meiren

Play: Mieneke Bakker, Lore Dijkman, Isaäk Hofland, Bram Van Der Kelen, Hans van Leipsig, Judith Pol, Katrien De Ruysscher, Tom Ternest, Hans Trentelman and Bram De Win.

Timmerfabriek Maastricht

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